Net Worth: 2018-07-01

We paid off some debt, we made some money in the market, and our net worth is up to a new high. Let’s take a look at how it all turned out, but first a word from our sponsor. I mean a word of inspiration…

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Net Worth: 2018-07-01

Cash Savings $18,923.05 22.5%
Cash Back/Gift Cards $1,826.76 10.8%
Brokerage/Crypto $8,739.75 -46.3%
Retirement $497,363.14 8.0%
MOST 529 $4,783.81 3.9%
House $303,000.00 0.0%
Cars & Boat $47,239.00 -1.0%
TOTAL ASSETS $881,875.51 3.8%
Credit Cards $3,476.57 -5.7%
Car Loan $18,000.00 -3.2%
HELOC $27,500.00 -17.5%
Mortgage $186,348.09 -0.7%
Student Loans $210,328.49 -0.1%
TOTAL LIABILITIES $445,653.15 -1.8%
TOTAL NET WORTH $436,222.36 10.3%

In an effort to sell off our last stock and get out of the market fully, we are up $40,708 from last month. There are only a few ways that this would be possible and the stock market is one of them.

Cash Savings

We are up an amazing $3,471.18 from last month, which is the highest our cash and savings have been since we began recording our net worth in May of last year. As I mentioned last month, our plan is to increase the balance in our Synchrony High Yield Savings account by at least $500. This last month we increased it by $700.

Cash Back/Gift Cards

We used the cash back balance of our Chase card last month to buy a gift for our youngest son, Mr. O. We took on a new credit card this past month that gave us a $150 bonus, so even spending some of our balance we are up $177.99 from last month.


After selling the last stock in our brokerage account, we transferred $5,548.92 back to our checking account and made a large payment on our HELOC. Unfortunately, our Crypto account is down $1,990.19 from last month. I keep wondering if this account will end up going to $0 proving how poor of an investment this was. Only time will tell.


As I moved our money out of the market, I placed a few covered calls. These generated $9,838.87 after commissions and fees for the month. In addition to that, we sold some shares at a profit and are working to sell the last stock we own. The total increase in our retirement accounts was $36,817.77 for the month. Since we own one last stock, our balance could go up or down in the months to come, but hopefully they just go up as we continue to move to cash.

In addition, my 403b and 401a were in the following:

Percent Allocation Ticker Title Description
40% FXSIX FID 500 INDEX INST Large Cap Stock Investments
40% VTSNX VANG TOT INTL STK IS International Stock Investments
12% FSTPX FID MID CAP IDX INST Mid-Cap Stock Investments
8% FSSSX FID SM CAP IDX INS Small Cap Stock Investments

I moved everything including future deposits into the following:

Percent Allocation Ticker Title Description
100% VMFXX VANG VMMR-FED MMKT Short-Term Investments

Although this only accounts for $6,385.12 of our retirement, I did this to move out of the market during this uncertain overvalued time.

MOST 529

With the market slowing down this account only increased $181.20 despite the fact that we put $200 into the account. We moved the money from the Vanguard Aggressive Growth to Vanguard Interest Accumulation. This is another “move to cash” move for us.


Home sales are slowing a bit on the lake. I bet this is due to the huge increase in prices. Everything is up except for the median home price. Here are the recent home estimates for our zip code.

Amount % Change
Xome Home Estimate $359,969 16.1%
Zillow Home Estimate $304,101 2.2%
Average Home Estimate $332,035 9.3%
Median Home Price $274,000 -2.1%

Cars & Boat

We are down another 1% this month on our depreciating assets. My wife’s car took the biggest hit this month dropping in value 3.2% whereas my son’s car went up in value by 3.7%. My guess is that lesser expensive cars are becoming slightly more valuable as more people buy lower priced cars.

Credit Cards

We have a new credit card with a $2,200 balance on it at 0% interest for 15 months. I set the card up to pay $200 per month automatically. We have one other card with a $1,000 balance that has 0% interest for another 10 months. We set the automatic payment at $250 per month, so we will have it paid off in another 4 months. Then we plan to snowball that $250 per month toward our HELOC.

Car Loan

Not much to say. We have 30 payments or 2 years 6 months to go paying $600 per month, which is more than the average new car payment. This is a sad truth.

HELOC (Home Equity Line Of Credit)

We planned to pay off 15% of the loan, but we managed to pay off 17.5% reducing the balance by $5,815.77! Dr. SoS wants to remodel the house, but I told her that we should just save up the money to remodel and not pay the 5.5% interest that our bank charges to loan us the money. What do you think?


We have 124 more payments or 10 years 4 months to pay off our house. We pay off 0.7% each month. I look forward to the day when this gets to over 1% per month. I calculate that it will be another 4 years before we begin paying off 1% of our loan each month.

Student Loans

Slow and steady wins the race? We made our regular monthly payment which reduces the balance by 0.1%. Since this has the lowest interest, this is our least concern.

As of the first day of July 2018, we have a net worth of $436,222.36 up 10.3% from the June 2018 net worth of $395,514.36 and up 49.0% from our July 2017 net worth of $292,683.62. Our current net worth puts us in the top 37% at 224/602 bloggers on the Rockstar Finance Directory Net Worth Tracker.

If you have any questions, please comment or send us a message on our Contact page.

Keep saving and swimming!

Mr. SoS


  1. What an amazing month for you. Well done on the cash savings – that’s my favorite!

    I have a crypto account as well and basically am valuing at zero. Who knows, maybe it will come back, but at least I knew the risk before investing.

    Keep it up!

    1. Church:

      Thank you for the comment! It was a crazy good month for us, but all of it was because of the market. We will probably not see net worth increases like this for a while since we are about 70% in cash right now waiting for the market to collapse. In fact, we may even drop in net worth a bit as I work to move the last of our stock into cash while trying to not lose money. I recently received a promotion at work and Dr. SoS is bringing in a little more money each month as she expands her practice. This extra money will go toward paying down debt, which will help our net worth.

      As for the crypto account, I count it as currently valued, but plan to hold it either to zero or until it is large enough to pay off the rest of our debt. Either way it is not, and may never be, a large portion of our net worth. Just like the lottery, though, which we do not play, you cannot win if you do not play. Take care!

      Mr. SoS

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