Net Worth: 2021.11.01

We spent the past six months in a whirlwind. I neglected posting my net worth because I never managed to calculate it. That is not quite true. I calculated it last month, but never wrote a post. Our lives should settle a bit now. I miss personal finance blogging and plan to get back to it. Blogging our net worth shows me where we were, where we are, and where we are headed. Let’s take a look at the current update summary and then discuss.

Monthly Net Worth Update

2021.11 vs 2021.10
2021.11 vs 2021.10


We increased our assets by 3.69% or $30,386.22 since October. We increased our assets primarily due to cryptocurrency, but also due to increased savings and contributing to retirement.

Cash Savings

We continue to add to our online savings accounts and increased our savings in October.

Cash Back/Gift Cards

We increased our cash back by 1.92% or $87.41 through normal spending on groceries, minimal auto fuel purchases, Amazon and Costco shopping. We receive 5% cash back on gasoline, groceries, pharmacy, Amazon. Costco generates a nice 3% cash back. We use another card for 2% on everything else. I hope to have a new credit card to discuss with you next month.


In October, I transferred my remaining 0.03000005 BTC ≈ $1,479.17 to our ShiftCrypto Bitbox02 BTC Edition cold storage wallet. I own a bunch of random cryptocurrency Coinbase gave me for free for learning about them. However, I own 15 ETH (Ethereum) that I purchased in early 2018. I noted my initial $1337 purchase in January 2018 and my subsequent $10,000 purchase in February 2018. This averages $755.80 per coin. Last month, our balance increased by 36.92% or $17,177.80 for the month despite the BTC withdrawal.


I contributed $3,572.54 across my 403b, 401a, and HSA for the month by maxing out the 403b and HSA contributions to receive the full match in my 401a.


We increased the 529 balance for Princess SoS, formerly known as Baby SoS, by $51.28. We contribute $800 monthly and then immediately withdraw $750 from the 529 to pay for the Montessori program she attends. I continue to use this account to save money on state taxes by running the education costs through the 529.


What you do not know because of my lack of updates, unless I decide to go back and write them, is that we refinanced hour house in May 2021 for a new 30 year loan with a cash out up to the 80% loan to value at 2.75% interest. We refinanced in August 2020 at 2.875% with no cash out to take advantage of the low rate. When the rates dropped again this year, we decided to take money out for a huge remodel. This changed since that time and we are currently sitting on the cash deciding it’s purpose.

When we refinanced in May 2021, our house appraised for $460,000. I increased the value from $405,000 to $460,000. We also applied for a HELOC and the guy that appraised our house in September for $518,444. I believe this is quite the exaggeration, so did not increase the value again.

Cars and Boat

We played the automobile shuffle back in June. We sold our Kia Sorento EX to our youngest son. I gave my Kia Optima SXL Turbo to Dr. SoS. Our youngest son sold his classic, but needs a ton of work, JDM (Japanese Domestic Market) project car, a 2000 Toyota Celica GT 5-speed manual, to me.

Our son purchased the car for $2,500 off facebook marketplace. When he stopped working on it, I spent an additional $2,500 to fix the brakes, power steering line and pump, and fuel line. Because this is now my car and I am a music aficionado, last July, I spent $1,016.66 on a new stereo that I installed over two days. Here’s a photo of my future Japanese Anime/Manga Street Racer. I named him Ryuk「リュク」.

2000 Toyota Celica GT

I have grand, and expensive, plans for Ryuk over the next few months. I plan to make him an original and noticeable classic vehicle on the road.


We decreased our liabilities by 0.29% or $1,631.82 for the month.

Credit Cards

September was so busy that I had a few credit card balances that I did not pay off before the end of the month. I was better in October and made certain that I paid everything before the end of the month.

AC Loan

We paid $300 and have 34 more monthly payments to pay off $10,209 at a 0% APR.


Last May 20221, we had 29 years 5 months (353 payments) to pay off our remaining $156,047.10 balance at 2.875% APR. However, the following month, we took out a much larger loan and now owe $364,689.87 in the next 356 months or 29 years 8 months at 2.75% APR interest.

Student Loans

We have 21 years 4 months (256 payments) to pay off the remaining $192,381.09 balance. We paid off $566.27 of the principle at a 3.125% APR.


As of the first day of November 2021, we are up 3.69% increasing our net worth to from our October 2021 net worth of $824,087.54, and up 12.78% from our November 2020 net worth of $757,677.27.

We compile this information to keep us accountable and to hopefully inspire others to spend less than they make, save more, and make wise investment choices. Please leave any comments or questions below.

Thank you for reading!

Mr. SoS

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