Net Worth: 2017-11-01

Happy Daylight Savings Day! Is that a happy time? I slept an extra hour this morning because Baby SoS slept an extra hour, so I consider that a win! How was your Halloween? I took the day off and told my team at work that it was because I consider the day a religious holiday. <grin> Dr. SoS and I used some gift cards from last Xmas to go out to lunch with another couple to celebrate both our Halloween wedding anniversaries.

Our net worth decreased 2.4% since last month. The crazy thing is that this was completely due to the estimate on our home. If I keep the home value flat, our net worth really increased by 4.8%! Talk about a single unknown causing a major fluctuation in our monthly net worth. I do not know the best way to track the worth of our home. If you have any suggestions, we would love to hear about them in the comments! Care to know more about our net worth since last month? Read on diligent follower!

NET WORTH: 2017-11-01
Cash Savings $11,860.21 31.9%
Cash Back $687.46 11.3%
Brokerage $35,042.50 8.1%
Retirement $445,725.82 4.2%
MOST 529 $3,157.07 6.2%
House $302,068.00 -7.8%
Cars & Boat $50,333.00 -1.7%
TOTAL ASSETS $848,874.06 -0.3%
Credit Cards $13,878.17 30.0%
Car Loan $23,100.00 -2.5%
HELOC $40,100.00 13.6%
Mortgage $196,336.36 -0.6%
Student Loans $220,554.44 -0.1%
TOTAL LIABILITIES $493,968.97 1.2%
TOTAL NET WORTH $354,905.09 -2.4%

Please read on to learn more about the numbers shown above.

Cash Savings
We broke the downward trend! We were up $2,867.38 since last month in our cash accounts. However, this is a little misleading. Dr. SoS made a deposit on the last day of the month and our credit card balance is more than last month, so although we can pretend celebrate, we are still down. That’s okay, let’s dwell on the positive and make it up next month!

Cash Back
This is one category where we can continue to accumulate until we cash in the money. We are up $69.89 from the previous month. I plan to cash most of this in December. It’s fun to see $687.46 accumulate just by making purchases we would have made regardless, but not putting this money to work for us is losing the potential to make more money!

We are up $2,627.66 from last month. I only made 227.66 in options trades during the month, but we had a nice increase in one of our stocks that gave us the account boost.

This is definitely an area that you cannot expect month after month increases, but I made $5,533.47 in options trades for the month after fees and commissions. That and the increase in our stocks generated a balance that was $17,894.80 more from last month. I’ll take it!

MOST 529
We are chugging right along in this account with an increase of $185.38 from last month.

I am so tired of the fluctuations with this estimate. The Xome estimate for the month was $309,171, which was down $35,503 from the $344,674 estimate in September. The Zillow estimate for the month was $294,965, which was down $15,306 from the $310,271 in September. Where do they get these numbers? Last month, I decided to average the two amounts. This resulted in our home value decreasing by $25,404.50. We estimate that we could sell our home for about $315,000. When I type that amount in my spreadsheet for the two months, it changes our overall net worth from going down -2.4% to an increase of 4.8%. I do not know the right answer, but I do know that this is one unreliable third-party estimate.

Cars & Boat
We are down $895 from last month. Here is a great lesson about driving nicer cars. The nicer car you drive, the greater chance of a decreased value in that vehicle month after month.

Credit Cards
So much for hoping these would all be paid off by the end of October. Due to the late deposit, this net worth shows a balance $3,203.43 more than the previous month. One note about our credit card balances. We DO NOT pay any late fees or finance charges on ANY of our credit cards. We also are only using about 8% of our total available credit each month. We pay our credit cards many times on a weekly basis to avoid finance charges and to increase our credit scores. If you carry a balance month after month, pay it off as soon as you possibly can. This is the best thing you can do to increase your net worth!

Car Loan
Another automatic monthly payment and we are down to 38.5 payments or 3 years 3 months remaining. I should make an extra half payment so I can round this number off. Maybe I will soon.

HELOC (Home Equity Line Of Credit)
We borrowed some money for Dr. SoS’s business. The great thing is that she sold some equipment so we should be able to use that to reduce this balance.

Each payment makes a difference with only 132 more payments or 11 years remaining! I look forward to the day when I can post on this blog that we have the house paid in full.

Student Loans
No significant change here again. We slug along with our minimum payments and reduce the outstanding balance a little more each month.

As of the first day of November, we are up to a net worth of $354,905.09 from September’s total of $363,482.67. This puts us at 177 / 441 bloggers on the Rockstar Finance Directory Net Worth Tracker.

If you have any questions, please comment or send us a message on our Contact page. Thanks for reading!

Mr. SoS

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