Net Worth: 2018-05-01

The weather is warmer. The grass is growing like crazy. I already mowed three times in the past two weeks. The geese honking drives me crazy, but I use my green laser to scare them off. Hopefully, we will be swimming in the lake soon. What about our Net Worth?

Price is what you pay. Value is what you get.
~ Warren Buffett

Net Worth: 2018-05-01

Cash Savings $14,975.99 -13.0%
Cash Back/Gift Cards $1,853.04 7.7%
Brokerage/Crypto-Currency $17,081.14 33.5%
Retirement $448,639.13 4.6%
MOST 529 $4,367.25 5.4%
House $303,000.00 0.0%
Cars & Boat $48,255.00 2.0%
TOTAL ASSETS $838,171.55 3.0%
Credit Cards $3,036.23 -40.5%
Car Loan $19,500.00 -3.0%
HELOC $33,600.00 -0.6%
Mortgage $188,864.67 -0.7%
Student Loans $210,737.97 -0.1%
TOTAL LIABILITIES $455,438.87 -0.9%
TOTAL NET WORTH $382,732.68 7.7%

This month turned out far better than the last two months. Before we dive into each section, I want to share something interesting that I discovered. We began tracking our Net Worth a little over a year ago. I noticed we have done well reducing our Liabilities month after month, so I decided to graph it. This was the result.

Liabilities 2018-05-01

From this graph you can see that in the last year we paid off $40,804.57 in debt. That is amazing to me considering Dr. SoS started her new business and earned less than half what she was making at her previous job. To be fair, I received a buyout for my early retirement and I make a little more than I made before, but it still does not make up the difference. I told Dr. SoS that if we keep our expenses where they are while I receive promotions and she grows her business, there is absolutely no reason we could not be entirely debt free in under 10 years. That means we would pay off nearly half a million dollars in debt in 10 years. As I tell Baby SoS all the time, “やってみましょう!” (Yatte mimashou) pronounced yah-tay mee-mah-show or…

Let’s Do It!

Cash Savings

I recently convinced a friend of mine to begin tracking his net worth. Are you tracking yours? You should. Didn’t you know that Net Worth Tracking is The New Budgeting according to our buddy J$ over at Budgets Are $exy? We are working to keep our spending less than our income, so a budget is handy, but there is a definite benefit to tracking your Net Worth so you see how you are doing over time. Remember that graph I just showed you? This friend asked where I put my HSA (Health Savings Account) and Dependent Care FSA (Flexible Spending Account). I explained that we put those accounts in with our Cash. My reasoning is that we use these accounts like cash for medical and Baby SoS school expenses. We pay for school for Baby SoS quarterly and just paid for the second quarter. We cashed out the FSA to reimburse us. This was the main reason for our cash being down 13% or $2,228.82 from last month.

Cash Back/Gift Cards

It continues to amaze me how being responsible with your credit really can pay you back. Take that Dave Ramsey! We have $1,853.04, which is up 7.7% from last month. We pay for Baby SoS’s school using our CitiBank DoubleCash card, which gives us 2% back. Then we use money from our FSA to pay for the credit card balance. This is an easy way for us to get paid an extra $200 per year. We do not spend more than we earn and we are mindful of our budget, so this is a win for us.


I only made one brokerage trade in April netting $23.88 after commissions and fees. We have a trade on to sell the stock in this account. When we do, we are going to use $5,000 out of the account to pay down on our HELOC. We sure had a wild ride with Crypto last month. We would have bought more on the dip if we had disposable cash, but instead just watched it go down and back up. It’s nice to see this account back up 33.5% from the previous month. We are still not in the black, but hope that we will be soon.


With all our stocks still down, we have sell orders on everything at a limit price. I have a blog post to write about this, but suffice it to say we are getting out of the market. The good thing is that we are up 4.6% from last month, but are still $26,090.71 from our peak balance last February.

MOST 529

This account is up slightly making $23.20 from the previous month less our monthly deposit of $200.


My mortgage company cannot seem to get their data feed this month, so I went out and searched for the information straight from Zillow and Xome. The interesting thing about this data is that home estimates are down, but home sale prices are higher. Houses are selling faster in 65 days instead of 85 days. There were more houses sold last month. The price per square foot increased and sellers are getting nearly what they are asking for their homes. Here are the details. All in all, it seems like it is a seller’s market here.

Description Amount % Change
Xome Home Estimate* $309,346 -2.7%
Zillow Home Estimate* $295,344 -1.4%
Average Home Estimate* $302,345 -2.0%
Median Home Price* $264,900 -1.4%
Median List Price $273,750 -21.8%
Average Days on Market 65 -23.5%
Median Price per Sq Ft 141 19.5%
Houses for Sale 5 -16.7%
Median Sold Price $240,000 12.4%
Houses Sold 4 100.0%
List to Sell Ratio 99.9% 1.3%
*These are by zip code. The others are just our small town.

Cars & Boat

I wonder if people are buying more cars. The total value of our cars increased 2% from last month.

Credit Cards

There were months where I would do everything I could to get all the balances paid off by the end of the month. It was not possible to do that this month without taking some money from savings. We need to get back to paying them off weekly, but Dr. SoS could not take a paycheck until nearly the last day of the month, which pushed some of these balances into May. That being said, our total end of the month balance was still $2,064.77 less than last month.

Car Loan

We only have 32 payments or 2 years 8 months to go. I still LOVE my car and do not regret purchasing it, but it will be wonderful to have that $600 per month to pay on some other debt. Ideally, it would be great if Dr. SoS and I could keep driving both our cars for the next 5 or more years. Not having car payments is the best.

HELOC (Home Equity Line Of Credit)

We made another 0.6% dent in the balance. As I mentioned above, we are going to use most of our brokerage account to pay $5,000 off on this loan. We should also be able to begin paying off more as our income increases. Our plan last year was to pay off my student loan, which happened when we received our tax refund. Our plan this year is to pay off this loan. やってみましょう!


Each month brings us closer to being completely out of debt. I cannot believe our balance is now under $190,000. We only have 126 more payments or 10.5 years to pay off this house. We reduced the balance by another 0.7%. It will be fun to see that percentage rise as the balance falls.

Student Loans

The original plan was to apply my student loan payment of $185 per month toward the HELOC, however Dr. SoS’s student loan company had other ideas and raised her payment by over $125 per month. The bad thing is that we have less to apply toward the HELOC. The good thing is that we are now paying nearly $200 per month down on her loan. At that rate, it will only take us 500 more payments or 41 years and 8 months to pay it off while paying $166,157 in interest. Good thing we do not play to have it take that long.

As of the first day of May 2018, we have a net worth of $382,732.68 up 7.67% from the April total of  $355,481.38 up a whopping 20.14% from our May 2017 net worth of $318,564.09. Our current net worth puts us in the top 35% at 202/568 bloggers on the Rockstar Finance Directory Net Worth Tracker.

If you have any questions, please comment or send us a message on our Contact page. Thanks for following along as we keep saving and keep swimming.

Bring on Summer, Savings, and Swimming!

Mr. SoS


    1. Hey there Freddy! Thank you for commenting and being one of our three followers! I will write an entire blog post about it, but here is the gist of it. We only had three positions. We sold one and it dropped right after we sold it. I have covered calls on the other two to get out. Both are rising, but mostly have not kept up with the market. We are going completely to cash as we have a new investment strategy and are going to look for wonderful companies that fit our values and that are on sale based on their value rather than buy into a market that is mostly already overpriced.

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