Net Worth: 2021.02.01

I cannot believe it is already February. Where in the world does the time go? Now that I work from home 100% of the time, all the days blur together. I also find that as I get older time passes more quickly. All that considered, our net worth continues to march higher. We reached another unofficial milestone just passing $800,000, but not much else is worth noting.

Monthly Net Worth Update

2021.02 vs 2021.01
2021.02 vs 2021.01


Our assets took a somewhat significant leap up increasing by 1.11% or $12,797.19 for the month. As you can see above, cryptocurrency caused the significant increase.

Cash Savings

We shuffled some money around last month lowering our cash savings slightly by $163.81.

Cash Back/Gift Cards

I previously used 95,000 Hilton Honors points to reserve a hotel room for the Berkshire Hathaway shareholder meeting. They published a news release in December stating that due to the pandemic they would hold the meeting virtually as they did last year. When I canceled the hotel reservation, this increased our cash back to the equivalent of approximately $475. We also earned another $166.09 in other cash back rewards for a total increase of 20.20%.


We received our largest month-over-month increase in cryptocurrency last month. Coinbase shows our balance increased an astounding $8,953.23 or 72.59%. I am not sure what is going on, but I am not going to complain that our balance is now up to $21,287.31. This caused the new net worth milestone. Unfortunately, as I well know, it can fall as rapidly as it increases.


Our investments increased a slight 0.39% or $2,636.09 due to money we contributed to my 403b and HSA along with my company match.


We made a couple changes to this account. In our state, we can spend up to $10,000 per year per student for K-12 education without state tax consequences. We now contribute $1,000 monthly totaling $12,000 for the year and plan to spend roughly $10,000, which saves money on our state taxes.


Last month, I stopped to appreciate how awesome it is to live where we live, have the neighbors we have, and how truly fortunate we are. The original owners built our home in 1962, and although it is not perfect, it is home. Appreciate what you have and you may find you are not at want for any more. We kept the value at $405,000, but our home is worth so much more than that to us.

Cars and Boat

It appears that Kelly Blue Book decided they dropped the value of my car a little too much because it increased by $609. Dr. SoS’s car dropped a mere $62. Our boat even increased $25.


We decreased our liabilities by 0.26% or a total of $975.79. This was quite a bit less than the month previous. Provided we keep our credit card balances at $0.00 at the end of each month, we typically pay about $1,130 on our debts monthly.

Credit Cards

We managed to pay off all the cards before the end of the month resulting in a $0 balance across all the cards we use.

AC Loan

We paid $300 and have 43 more monthly payments to pay off $12,900 at 0%.


We have 29 years 8 months (356 payments) to pay off our remaining $156,888.06 mortgage.

Student Loans

We have 22 years 1 month (265 payments) to pay off the current 197,376.61 balance.

Savings Rate

Keeping our savings amounts the same while bringing home less money significantly increased our savings and debt payoff percentages.

  • 20.53% – Percent of Debt Payments / Income earned
  • 44.01% – Percent of Personal Retirement Savings / Income earned
  • 5.40% – Percent of Employer Retirement Savings / Income earned
  • 49.42% – Percent of all Retirement Savings / Income Earned
  • 69.95% – Percent of Savings + Debt Payments / Income Earned

The debt payments are for our home mortgage, my car, and Dr. SoS’s student loan. The savings is only what I and my company contribute to my company 403b and HSA, excluding any cash savings.


As of the first day of February 2021, we are up 1.79% increasing our net worth to $800,217.24 from our January 2021 net worth of $786,147.42, and up 29.48% from our February 2020 net worth of $618,033.94.

We compile this information each month to keep us accountable and to hopefully inspire others to spend less than they make, save more, and make wise investment choices. Please leave any comments or questions below.

Thank you for reading!

Mr. SoS

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