Net Worth: 2021.03.01

How was your February? Our February was quiet and not much changed with our net worth. Perhaps that is why it took me so long to write my net worth post for the month. We managed to once again increase our net worth even though it was just a slight increase. Increase is better than decrease, right?

Monthly Net Worth Update

2021.03 vs 2021.02
2021.03 vs 2021.02


We increased our assets by 0.42% or a mere $4,909.01 by the end of February.

Cash Savings

We shuffled some money around last month lowering our cash savings slightly by $163.81.

Cash Back/Gift Cards

We spent less in February, so our cash back was lower for the month, but still increased by $119.58 for the month.


After our largest month-over-month increase noted last month, we experienced a 10.51% increase of $2,237.81 in our Coinbase account.


I increased our investments by $2,705.66 from the previous $2,636.09. I received my annual merit increase, which automatically increased my bi-weekly paycheck contribution into my 403b. It is nice to see these increases. With the market continuing this seemingly never-ending bull streak, I plan to begin trading options to increase our investment balance even more.


We continue to deposit money in the 529 each month, but also withdraw each month now that we can use the money for K-12 expenses. We send our daughter to a private Montessori school and funneling the money through the 529 should help us save money on our state income taxes.


Home values finally stopped increasing. We valued our home at $405,000, the last assessed value.

Cars and Boat

After increasing the estimated value of my car by $609 the previous month, Kelly Blue Book dropped the value back $204. The strange thing is that after dropping my wife’s car by $62 it went up $300 in the past month. Our boat increased another $165, too.


We decreased our liabilities by 0.30% or a total of $1,117.65 for the month.

Credit Cards

We continue paying our credit card balances weekly. We finished another month without any charge balances.

AC Loan

We paid $300 and have 42 more monthly payments to pay off $12,600 at 0%.


We have 29 years 7 months (355 payments) to pay off our remaining $156,608.41 mortgage balance. We paid off $279.65 of the principle.

Student Loans

We have 22 years (264 payments) to pay off the crazy 196,838.61 balance. However, we paid off $538.00 of the principle. Unfortunately, the remaining $523.85 went to pay interest on the loan. At least we are finally paying more on principal than on interest.

Savings Rate

Here are the various savings rates I calculate monthly based on our income and debt payments.

  • 19.67% – Percent of Debt Payments / Income earned
  • 42.42% – Percent of Personal Retirement Savings / Income earned
  • 5.17% – Percent of Employer Retirement Savings / Income earned
  • 47.59% – Percent of all Retirement Savings / Income Earned
  • 67.26% – Percent of Savings + Debt Payments / Income Earned

The debt payments are for our home mortgage, my car, and Dr. SoS’s student loan. The savings is only what I and my company contribute to my company 403b and HSA, excluding any cash savings.


As of the first day of March 2021, we are up 0.75% increasing our net worth to $181,961.84 from our February 2021 net worth of $800,217.24, and up 29.15% from our March 2020 net worth of $624,282.06.

We compile this information each month to keep us accountable and to hopefully inspire others to spend less than they make, save more, and make wise investment choices. Please leave any comments or questions below.

Thank you for reading!

Mr. SoS


      1. Hey there buddy! Glad to see you still occasionally frequent my ramblings. I need to write up my next net worth blog post. Sneak peak… I am at 3x my initial speculative investment.

        I have plans to write a Cryptocurrency blog post discussing how I spent some of my Satoshi (partial Bitcoin units) buying some Bitcoin gear. I would also love to write a post on other things going on including my organic gardening and bug farming. Good thing that I am nearly maxed out on my PTO with work and will be forced to take some days off and can finally get to more writing for your entertainment.

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