You found the about section! This is where you can find a little more about this site and the authors, Mr. SoS and Dr. SoS that created Save or Swim for your reading pleasure.

Why We Created This Site

I, Mr. SoS, have been passionate about personal finance for over ten years now. I am well read on the subject and continue to constantly read, study, and expand my knowledge. I also have a passion for teaching and helping others. With all I learned through the years I wanted to find a way to give back and help others that are getting started on their personal finance journey. I am far from perfect, but strive to continually improve. This site is where my wife, Dr. SoS, and I share our knowledge, our journey, and help others in the process.

Why Save or Swim?

When we thought about things we are passionate about in life besides personal finance our thoughts immediately turned to Swimming. One of the most popular historic idioms is the phrase Sink or Swim1. We thought, why not turn that from something that means to fail or succeed entirely by one’s own efforts with no alternatives into something that means Save, but until you are able, you should follow Dory’s advice and just keep swimming, swimming, swimming! That is how Save or Swim was born.

Mr. SoS

In addition to being passionate about personal finance and sharing his knowledge, he loves to swim in the open water. He mostly enjoys swimming in events greater than a mile all across the United States and eventually the world. He listens to music of all types, but you will typically find him listening to the Digitally Imported Trance or Chill & Tropical House channels. He likes web development and is currently learning Ruby on Rails. He loves traveling, meeting new people, experiencing new cultures, and learning new languages. His current language passion is Japanese. He is considered by peers to be an expert in Microsoft Excel with over 20 years experience with writing complex formulas and automating tasks with Excel Visual Basic for Applications (VBA). He is familiar with various web development languages HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL, and PHP. His first career was working as a Data Analyst for a Health Network Software company. In 2016, after a 19-year career, the company offered an early retirement package. He took the package and found a better career working as a Business Intelligence Developer for a local Hospital. He moved his larger than average 401k into an IRA and Roth IRA and now manages those himself. His loves sharing his experience working toward financial independence with you, dear reader! Here is wishing that you find health, wealth, and happiness in all we have to share.

Dr. SoS

Dr. SoS brings financial consciousness to the family as well as her practice. She is passionate about providing the best care she can to her clients at an affordable and transparent cost. She is equally passionate about saving money and living a more minimalist lifestyle. This in turn provides her more time with family and less time working for more “stuff”. She raised her first four children as a single parent for 10 years during her entire time in chiropractic college and early practice years. She developed good financial practices during this time out of necessity, and to this day she is more of a “saver” than a “spender”. After school she worked in a large, insurance based practice for 6 years, and then in a corporate employee clinic for 6 years which allowed her to explore two very different faces of medicine. She met Mr. SoS in 2011 and they were married in 2013. When she and Mr. SoS welcomed Baby SoS in 2016, she knew it was time for a change. In 2017, she became a “business owner” and is an independent contractor in an office with a colleague. She operates on a cash only basis and within the hours which best serve her family. She wants her patients to be as smart with money as she and Mr. SoS work to be, so provides affordable plans for her regular wellness clients. Dr. SoS is also a swimmer, lover of the water and outdoors, an avid reader, and occasional blogger.

1SINK OR SWIM — “Succeed or fail, mainly according to the competence and diligence of your own effort. In the 14th century and for some time thereafter it was ‘float or sink,’ probably reflecting the fact that few people learned to swim then and also reflecting a stronger role for fate in one’s success or failure. Chaucer had ‘flete or sinke’ in ‘The Compleynte until Pite’ (c. 1368), Thomas Starkey’s ‘England in the Reign of Henry the Eight’ says: ‘They care not (as hyt ys commynly sayd) ‘whether they synke or swyme.'” From “The Dictionary of Cliches” by James Rogers (Ballantine Books, New York, 1985).

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